Videos, pics about Kashmir I receive on WhatsApp are disturbing: Azad

‘Even a DIG level officer is kicking six-year old’s mouth with his shoes’

Srinagar : Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha and former J& chief minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that the pictures and videos he is receiving from Kashmir on his WhatsApp are quite disturbing. He said even a DIG level officer is seen in one picture kicking a six-year-old boy who is lying on road with his shoes.

“I don’t know how many among you (fellow parliamentarians) do receive messaged from Kashmir. But I must tell you the pictures are not worth to be seen. These are heart wrenching pictures,” Azad told the Rajya Sabha in his speech.

He said this is not the first instance that such kind of unrest has taken place in Kashmir, but the way the force was used on protesters has been seen for the first time. “We have seen such protests even in Mufti Sahab’s tenure, in my tenure, in Omar Sahab’s tenure. But the intensity of the force used on force has been seen first time,” Azad said.

He said it is heart wrenching to see unarmed youths being thrashed and beaten like anything. “Everyone is not supporting militancy there. At least there should be difference in treating militants and the unarmed protesters. Do you think you should use the same bullet to kill a six-year old Kashmiri unarmed boy, you use to kill a militant,” Azad said in his speech.

Millitants were being killed in everyone’s tenure be it in my regime, Omar sahab’s time, Farooq Sahab’s time or even in Mufti sahab’s time. While killing militants there was a healing touch policy continuing on the other side. What has happened to the healing touch policy coined by Mufti Sahab,” Azad said in his speech.

He said whenever there was any custodial, they would punish the guilty and to ensure no officer should be spared for killing someone in custody. “In my tenure I took out bodies from graves to investigate who these people are and who killed them. The cops (many even from J&K police) involved are still languishing in jails,” Azad said.

“We have learnt from our mistakes, even Omar sahab has learnt as per his statement. Now you (PDP-BJP) should also learn and don’t repeat the mistakes. But unfortunately even after Amarnath land row (during you’re your party (BJP) protested in Jammu, you people haven’t learnt,” he said.

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